The Kaleidoscope Dawn

by Jollyheads Circus



released May 17, 2013

All songs Written, performed and produced by Jollyheads Circus

Danny Nemirovsky - Vocals, Guitar
Andreu Monclús - Lead guitar, piano, backing vocals
Aurélien Gana - Drums, Percussion, backing vocals
Luifer Guirados - Bass, Keys, producer, backing vocals

Artwork and design by K-Tine (contacte Konstantina)

Recorded at Bucbonera Records with
Tomás Robisco - Sound Engineer

Mixed by Luifer Guirados and Tomás Robisco
Mastered by Kelly Hibber-"Elysian Mastering"

A special thank you to all our amazing kickstarter backers who helped make this possible
Moltes gràcies a tots els mecenes de kickstarter que heu ajudat a fer possible aquest disc



all rights reserved


Jollyheads Circus Barcelona, Spain

JollyHeads Circus presentan "The Kaleidoscope Dawn" editado con el sello independiente Whatabout Music

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Track Name: Sails
He's charted a path
Towards drifting ocean streams,
The boy with the sailor callused skin
Is homing in.

Climbing the mast with black paint on his hands

Drawing the map of nowhere
Writing letters, journals on his sails

Traveling light he sees time and place float away.

Watching for winds that come rocking
The boat and the sea need a story to be calmed

Tears at his deck, freeing the anvil.
Engraves a tale for the ocean
A gift he sinks to its heart

The sea speaks back to him
A language its waves translate

Boy, all you see and all you will know

Plans from the maps and reads from the answers
Once written by legends
Sacred remains

He sails on after
To the brink to the edge
He sails on after
Allows the bow to turn and go
Just belong

Laying on his back
Resting on his arms
He is nice and gone, He is nice and gone
Drifting on, drifting
Track Name: Nicotine Fix
My nicotine fix for your eyes
For your eyes
My nicotine fix for your eyes so
Smoke billows up, takes our silhouette, billows up
I look around, you were mine only

One of these days
I will catch you, take you in
One of these days
I will take you home, home

No one believes me when you said
I wouldn?t wonder-full
And you remind me of myself
I was, I am alone
You were a fool you crazy tool
You broke down you forked down you sold your

My nicotine for your eyes
They were for mine
We?ll make love, to our
Cigarette (lit) night

One of these days I will catch you, take you in
One of these days, I'll bring you home, home again, again
Track Name: Marmalade Monday
Saxophone Sunday's scratching my ears
Cast a pocket full of one sided die, just like
Marmalade Monday makes me sing again

La la la la la

I pick my guitar and I joined the Jollyheads Circus
traveling as a one man band
That's when I found out I'm pretty sick and tired
of dealing with all your one horse towns

La la la la la
Drive me mad

Mother tongue
Hear your children's sorry silence
Worn, by resignation reputation routine
Building cardboard houses
A paper bag cartel
Those kings of conscious
And Lord of the Flies

Where have all the good kids gone (X3)
And have we ever been

Think of all the times you were right
And I was right
And we were so wrong

Think of all the time I was wrong
And you were wrong
And we were so right
Track Name: Black Cactus
I'll tell you folks of interesting times
Of black Dakota hills, rhyming mines
The story of it all, The story of it all
Black Cactus Inn
is where our tragedy begins:

I'm a working man, drink to reason
When a flirty gal in a southern sort of way
Came up to spend the night

And who would appear, in this murky saloon
But a gun slinging lark of a local drunk

Time to settle injustices and draw

[spoken] Stone killer gets you, loosens up your screws
I do the best I can with what I've got but don't mistake

[hysterical voices]

Temperature rising
Smoke warmed gun
A harsh silhouette stains the bedroom floor
I packed my things into my
Saddle bag
I paid my dues to naughty Nance and out I went
And out I go
Black Cactus, sow my road

Black Cactus Inn (insane)
Track Name: Kings and...
A candied vision attached to the wall
Its syrupy watermark clearly covers all
The towers made of resin, the twoers, the threers
The Four rolling clovers
twisted as a tree

That cranks and churns
everything to jelly
see the landscape-o-matic turned on

Our castles and lands we made up
kings and queens

And to the side Mr slinky snake
in his sneaky ways likes to play his friend
Boris the camel in a game of chess
As the door lock keeps a growing

To the top where the clouds are raining movies
see the master projector turned on

Our castles and lands we made up
kings and queens
Track Name: Dr. Bourbon
Dr Bourbon's back
With his air of sensation yes
Dr Bourbon's back
Drags me to the table
Hello again, my friend

Dr Bourbon's I say
A shot in the arm with a stone face
He draws from his bag of tricks laying his
Prescription on the table
I down it all, my million fucking diamonds

Dr Bourbon's back
He starts to seem a little eager
But hey the doc is back
It's my insubordination
My sweet desire for all you

Is waiting at the bar,
It wavy hair devil may care
Could I trouble you for a light
I wanted to tell you honey:
You make me drunk on passion
and I drink to your complexion
You marvelous beast
Too weird to live, too rare to die

I see the faces revolving
the paintings collapsing
I see the walls all melt down
The faces all melt down
The knockout bell ringing
the knockout bell singing: Take me


Oh Dr. Bourbon
I owe How can I repay
No no no! says the doctor
now I own you
Track Name: Our Man
Our man
Sitting on the ledge
Our man
With a head of gin

Tosses a leaf to the tangled wind that
Carries off as a waltz

And the window shops
Selling handprint marks
Shown by the headlight river glow
Creeping out under his toes

No one seems to notice his reflection
On the sweaty cobblestone roads

And he could care to try
Would he dare
It?s his reflection of his solemn glare
His reflection of his younger days

Have patience for once in your life

He took care, flew a kite, read a book, road a bike
Hung up on nothing
[Nobody seems to see]

Smokes a pipe rides a bike
Burnt parachute in hand, he's all right
[Nobody seems to see]

He once took care, flew a kite, read a book, road a bike
Such a lovely survival
Track Name: The World
The world is going crazy
I hear the earth is at her end

But/ how fortunate, it seems
that everyone knows but me

And all other living things you say
All those ghosts of happenings

Are willing and waiting,
To be swallowed for you

At a curious spot, the world

The words you all speak to sink
The nerve you have coming to me

But what luck, you might get
Everybody to heed you but
This poor mother she's at her edge

So if it's war that's all you know
War is what I'll give ya
The winds are blowing, you say goodbye
I say good luck you're gonna need it
Where's your head gone

It starts to pour so come on
your scrambling to disappear
playing under mushroom clouds and here

And when you've toughened up
I bid you all
Farewell goodbye I bid you all
Farewell goodbye so long
Now to face to face you're begging please
But call it fate, call it love
Goodbye so long

At a curious spot, the world
Track Name: A Home for Life
Life, give me what you've got
Just like mind, tear my sky apart tonight

Love, what am I to do with you
I'm rowing upstream walking off your plank
Wondering Why

I never bothered to read or write
Maybe were these eyes that wouldn't fight
In the beginning to each their own
But I try to find home

You like to play hide and seek
knowing I'll never, I'll never find you there

So memory, it's all I've got it's all I've not
I'm rowing up stream walking off your plank
Wondering why

I never bothered to read or write
It were these eyes that wouldn't fight
And now suddenly when I stop searching
Life has found me
Track Name: ...and Queens
I find the sidewalks all deserted
like an earthquake has diverted
Letting the night flow in

I feel as the old drunk
drinking street champagne
Already calling out for more
La la la laaaaaaaaaa

Old Friends going for a drink
Laughing and sharing the tales
The champions of lifetime
La la la laaaaaaaaaaaa

When all the kings and queens
They danced to open dreams

I remember when we first met
Weren't we all so wonderfully mad back then

So since I've lived my life on the line
Babe it's a traveling act for sure

'Couse you've gone so long ago
Baby come back, come back

My life on the line
I wouldn't have it any other way

And the truth is that I've left you ages ago
Just let me be, give me peace

All the kings and queens
We are all kings and queens